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Co Founders

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Camille Curtis Y Van Dyke Biog

Co Founder

I am a mother of two amazing children, my son is 13 and my daughter is 19. My children inspire me every day to be a better person.

I am currently the Deputy Head at Wac Arts College. For the last twenty years I have worked with disenfranchised young people using the arts as a tool to reengage them and build on their self-esteem and confidence. I have developed accredited programmes working with young people all over London.  I have built successful partnerships that have enriched our programmes and created opportunities for our students.


The Black British and Beautiful brand started simply as an idea that just grew. I wanted to create something that acknowledged our Black British history. Black, Brown and Mixed race people have had a presence in the UK for long enough that I wanted role models/influential figures like Claudia jones, Mica Paris, Malorie Blackman, Bernie grant, Oswald Botang and Chris Offili to roll off the tongue like the American names do. I also wanted build a platform that allowed black artists (for example, photography, film makers, make up, stylists and graphic design) to showcase their talent.

I feel that my purpose is to support the young people around me, the next generation, my extended family and my community in whatever creative capacity that I can. I am both passionate and dedicated.

Sister Ama

Co Founder

I am a mother of 4 amazing adults. The author of children's book 'Simply the Best', short adult poetry books 'Poetic Wisdom for Office Workers' I'm a Mentor, Spiritual Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Registered Midwife for 25+ years, Intuitive Counsellor.


Co Founder

Peaches has attracted national and international attention for her work as a Youth Engagement Practitioner and motivational speaker, using her skills of Edutainment to encourage, empower and nurture lives for effective change.

Peaches has also been honored with a viral recognition for ‘Londoner of The Week’ as well as achieving two Inspirational Awards.

After being released from prison in 2000, she has turned her negative experiences into positive actions, developing and supporting multi youth programs such as, RAW, Little Miss RAW, Calling the Shots, Mind Over Matter, Priceless, Undiluted Expressions and much more.

In 2003 Peaches Founded and Co-Directed Reality Bytes UK, which specialised working with the ‘hard to reach communities’ by empowering the socially excluded.

Peaches was then head hunted by BBC3 to present the program entitled ‘Peckham Finishing School for Girls’. She understands the importance of positive impact as she has the passion, the drive which radiates and influences people of all walks of life. Her passion to engage the community for a healthier and positive change.

Understanding unity is the key, she is now one of the seven Co-Founders of Womanhood Academy, who support the development in female empowerment and creative skills in leadership and know the benefits of when you, ‘Nurture a girl, raise a nation.’

Tieyone Hall-Andrews

Co Founder

Tieyone is a Qualified Life Coach in Personal Development, NLP Practitioner, Mentor and Reiki Practitioner.  

Late 2015 Tieyone joined in with regular youth meetings, which further lead her passion to commit to working with young ladies in the community.

Spiritually and mentally aware of the issues with in the community, Tieyone felt the urge to reach out on a wider scale to assist her sisters, Tieyone joined forces with six powerful ladies to collaborate and bring forth Womanhood Academy

Nurture A Girl, Raise A Nation.

Michelle Thorney

Co Founder

Michelle has blazed trails in youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship for over 7 years. 

A true empowerment connoisseur, Michelle passion for young people and her uncanny ability to motivate and empower the forgotten has solidified her as one of London's unsung heroes. Michelle has worked/supported numerous youth programs and  In 2010 she Co-Founded a company called Underkonstruction which was a youth empowerment program designed to encourage young people to discuss the real and sometimes controversial issues and ideas that young people often face. Michelle ability to keep it real enables her to engage with young people differently and earn there trust and respect.

In 2014 Michelle and Rouchelle co-founded BeYOUtiful Beginnings; a youth empowerment mentoring organisation focused on young girls aged 14 + .Michelle noticed that they were many projects that supported young boys/men but very few that supported young girls, showcasing their excellence and promoting positive images. It is for that reason why Michelle has decided to collaborate with like minded women and create the Womenhood Academy; a sisterhood of women from all different walks of life who share the same vision and are dedicated to supporting and empowering young females through transformational experiences.

Rouchelle Mclean

Co Founder

As a visionary and a woman of influence, Rouchelle Mclean has been committed to youth work for almost a decade. Supporting young people with their learning and personal development. Rouchelle has proven to have an incredible ability to gain the trust and respect of the young people and their families, aiding them in making informed and responsible choices concerning their lifestyles, education and futures.

After dedicating her time and skills in Pupil Referral Units and numerous community outreach events, Womanhood was 'birthed' as a joint venture with 7 other powerful women offering a person-centred approach and support network catered specifically, to young females.

Sis Angie

Co Founder

I am Sister Lamisi (aka Sis Angie) A Mother of 2 beautiful Queens, Grandmother to my Heartbeat Zion and Auntie to many.  I am Love.
I am proud to be the Founder of AGA Global Ambassadors; a registered Foundation/Charity in The Gambia.  We are a group of passionate, active volunteers who promote wellbeing, Education and development of communities in West Africa and the UK, by cultivating our skills and experiences.  
I am also Co-Founder of AG Associates’ Tours a group created jointly with my husband.  We have been successfully organising culturally aware group trips and excursions to Africa for over a decade. My value of Community Involvement has allowed me to be giving of myself, always being aware of the needs of our community.  Driven by a solutions mind-set along with owning my power led me to forming a Sisters Empowerment Circle in October 2016.  Sisters meet on a monthly basis in a scared caring space in unity regardless of the barriers we face. We believe in leading by example to give our children hope and courage.  We are the mothers of civilisation and the vessel that brings forth life. Our duty is to nurture what we have created.
I am because you are and because you are therefore, I am.