Womanhood Academy

London, UK


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Established 2017

We are a collective of women of African descent who have been on many and varied journeys of life. We've experienced highs, lows and in betweens.
We are Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Wives, Daughters, Friends, Neighbours, Mentors, Teachers, Motivational Speakers, Spiritual Healers, Entrepreneurs, Deputy Heads, Creators, Authors, Business Personnel, Office Workers, Counsellors, Security Personnel and the list is endless.
Our experience of life has shown us that it is vital that our 'tools for success' should be shared with the future Mothers, Sisters, Teachers etc. We feel we have a duty of care and responsibility to our community EACH 1 TEACH 1. We must celebrate and positively reinforce our young women who are our future generation.
We as women who are transforming and growing, we fully understand our place in the cycle of life, we know our true power potential. We also know that the state of the woman is the state of the nation and we step forth in our greatness in peace, harmony, love and joy. We embrace, share and grow with our fellow women in Sisterhood.
We walk alongside our men and know that with harmony and co-operation we are phenomenal and all great things are possible.
We ourselves have been inspired, motivated and guided by many women in our personal lives and also by mainstream high profile women and everyone else in between. We have also been demotivated  and misguided by women in our personal lives and further afield. But the journey through and transcending the challenges and traumas has also contributed to our humility, wisdom and strength of character.
These experiences have made us much more aware and deliberate in our putting the need for 'healing' of students and adults alike high on our agenda. We know and have personally experienced suffering in silence, aloneness, guilt, shame & blame. So we employ compassion and confidentiality in our practices.

We support the personal growth and empowerment of the present time nurturers (Mothers, Fathers etc) in order for them to empower their families.